November 21, 2011

Beverages in the Salton

That most famous of Chmielowiecs, Aaron (In Japan), has released his first book of computer-generated poetry. It’s now available on Amazon.

October 19, 2011

Project Xenon update: 10/19

Project Xenon is the name for the mobile score tracker I’m working on.  I know there’s an existing mobile score tracker at ZIV but I have a few reasons for making it anyway.  I don’t care for their theming, Diana has some stuff she really wants to be able to do that ZIV’s tool doesn’t offer, it doesn’t offer in-app registration and I honestly just really want to see if I can make one that looks and acts exactly like an iPhone app with PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and CSS instead of Objective-C.

So there’s been no actual web work done yet but I do have dance point data for every song, every difficulty, single and double for DDR Extreme.  I’ve also got access to similar data for SuperNova 1 & 2, DDRX, and ITG 1 & 2, but I’m gonna start with just a DDREX rollout.  The initial launch will also have challenges, buddy lists, statistics, rankings, and the ability to categorize songs (at Diana’s request).  Phase two will include image uploading from within the app and an iOS photo library and whatever other features are requested or I think of.


October 14, 2011

A Challenge Appears

Okay, so at the heart of most features I build out on websites I design is unabashed self-interest.  If I have something to gain from coding something it will take much of the “work” out of it.  This time, it’s a web app, a score tracker once again but optimized for mobile devices.  I don’t think there’s an app for thatâ„¢, and I won’t be the one to make it as, like I mentioned a few posts back, you have to own a Mac to code for iPhone.  And this would be cross-platform.  I might write the whole thing over the weekend, seeing as how I still have all my code from PumpScores.  The only real new work to do would be the CSS, making it usable on any device that can get web access.  I feel like if you can track your scores in the field you’re more likely to actually do it.  At least, I think so.

I’m gonna do this, like I said, for myself, so it’s initially gonna just have DDREX because I have all the DP data for it.  But it could be quite thorough.  One project I had in my head that I never did do was, a website that would house the only Unified Score Tracker on the web, largely crowdsourced for notecounts and so forth.  One unified scoring method.  The project never took off because I couldn’t get the name registered, .bo is Bolivia and they apparently still haven’t heard of paying by credit card or Paypal or anything even now.

So, it would start out with DDREX, and the next things to get added would be ITG/ITG2 and then probably the newer DDRs after that.  This will be project enough to keep me satisfied for a while.  When a working mobile site is up I’ll give you guys a shout.

A word of praise…

For the glorious 24 hour eateries.  You don’t care what time it is or why I didn’t get off my butt and get something earlier.  You don’t even mind when I show up in pj pants and still-wet-shower-hair.  You keep your ever-lovin’ deliciousness coming for the chronologically disjointed.

The night owls everywhere thank you.


Extra special shout out to my queen of late night cuisine, The International House of Pancakes.  <3



October 13, 2011

Pouring One Out for DDRFreak

If you haven’t been there lately, there’s a sad update on the front page.  DDRFreak’s been a rock in the community through it’s highs and lows and I’m quite sad to see it go inactive.  I’m a bit concerned about losing the Machine Locations database, though there’s no mention of it going away just yet.  That really just leaves zenius-i-vanisher as the only bemani locator on the web, and while it’s more accurate than DDRFreak’s significantly older DB, it’s also far less complete.

If you know any of the DDRFreak staff, thank them for being ambassadors of the game and one of the first American Bemani sites to gain any traction.

Stop laughing at my baby feet.


Hi, I’m Eve.

This is my jam.

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Because bluesoul said I could has it. :B

Join Team TLoM: Write about pretty much anything.

Eight years have passed since TLoM was conceived as a community blog, where anyone could join and write about whatever they wanted.  In those eight years, blog spam has gone from not even being a thing to the vast majority of comments and posts in the blogosphere.

Even with spammers everywhere, I’m committed to making this a community blog.  So as soon as you register, you’re able to start writing posts.  You can’t publish them until I’ve validated that your first article isn’t spam.  After that, you have free rein to post whenever and on whatever you like.  Or, you can skip that by commenting in any post and asking to be made a writer, and I’ll add you to the permitted users.

I’m not going to require registration for commenting for now as that tends to fill up the database with spam users.  That might change in the future.

And in case you were wondering…

I do plan on devoting time to the site again.  The project I spoke so highly of probably won’t happen, sadly.  It was supposed to be a score tracker/machine locator app for Windows Phone, but it turns out that Windows Phone is awful. More…

Happy Birthday, TLoM

It’s TLoM’s 8th birthday today.  I’m happy about that.  I celebrated by reskinning a WordPress theme into gently aged nostalgia.  Enjoy.