You know what, never mind. My big reveal was supposed to be that became available and I snatched it. But someone else snatched the fucking thing again as soon as it dropped again even though I was watching for it a-fucking-gain. 

The funny thing is I don’t think the site ever had ads on it. Meaning people over the years have spent at least a hundred bucks on renewals for a domain that, historically, has never made anyone a dime.

Whatever. We’ll rock it on .net for a while. I’m gonna try to import our old posts and such too at some point.

One of my resolutions for this year is to AA DDR Extreme, which I’m going to count as “get 93% of all possible DP according to DDREX scoring”. This should, in theory, be easily attainable, but I’ve never done it. The question of how to track it is another matter altogether. There are a couple problems.

  • Nobody has a DDREX machine anymore.
  • I wouldn’t go there if they did.
  • Stepmania and DDREX handle a couple things differently which means the scores are not 1:1 identical. To wit, StepMania counts jump-freezes as 2 possible OKs or NGs, and DDREX will drop both if either one drops. Given that DDREX scoring considers an OK to be worth 6 DP, it basically means every successful jump-freeze is like hitting 3 more Perfects. That’s big.
  • If I go the route of just collecting these new DP totals from StepMania, it would be easier to AA songs with jump-freezes. This means I need to up the threshold for the goal by a suitable amount.
  • I might be really overthinking this for what should be a personal goal and I should just up it to 95% to 93% because that should more than make up the difference.

I see a new score tracker coming. And let me be clear, I love ZIv. It’s far and away the best resource the community’s ever had on many fronts. So building a score tracker that accepts SM scores is because I respect and fully understand their ‘arcade scores only’ policy. But I trust them to the point that I’m going to require their simfiles be used to submit data.

It will be built using the Laravel framework and the source will be on GitHub, as will the tool I’m building in Powershell to return all DP for all songs on all difficulties. I might even make it spit out compatible seed files for Laravel’s database seeding, so you can host your own personal score tracker if you want. It’s gonna have a lot of the bells and whistles for stat tracking that I learned when I made It’s gonna be cool.

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