Full Circle: TLoM Car Mix v1.0 Released

After 11 builds leading up to it, and almost 9 years after beginning, TLoM Car Mix is available on CD-replacement service Spotify, as a three-CD set entitled Crossovers.  They’re broken down like so:

CD1: My favorites from each of the original Car Mixes from 2003-2005.

CD2: Omissions, songs that deserved to be in the original mixes but weren’t.  I had to have known about them prior to 2006 to be considered for inclusion.

CD3: The new generation of the car mix, selections that I’m currently listening to.  Only songs released in 2006 or later were considered for inclusion.

Subscribe to them here: CD1 | CD2 | CD3 | Complete 3CD Playlist

Whether people still care about them or not, I had a lot of fun, more than even makes sense, making the original compilation.  Starting some time around v0.5 I started designing with the concept of “flow” in mind, not an actual mix but a transition from song to song that is pleasing over the course of the album.  I tried to keep that spirit alive with CD 2 and 3.  These are all burnable, if one was able to find all the songs (or rip via Stereo Mix).  In an upcoming post I’ll go deeper into why the songs were chosen for 1.0, and what music has meant to me and the site over time.

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