Project Xenon update: 10/19

Project Xenon is the name for the mobile score tracker I’m working on.  I know there’s an existing mobile score tracker at ZIV but I have a few reasons for making it anyway.  I don’t care for their theming, Diana has some stuff she really wants to be able to do that ZIV’s tool doesn’t offer, it doesn’t offer in-app registration and I honestly just really want to see if I can make one that looks and acts exactly like an iPhone app with PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and CSS instead of Objective-C.

So there’s been no actual web work done yet but I do have dance point data for every song, every difficulty, single and double for DDR Extreme.  I’ve also got access to similar data for SuperNova 1 & 2, DDRX, and ITG 1 & 2, but I’m gonna start with just a DDREX rollout.  The initial launch will also have challenges, buddy lists, statistics, rankings, and the ability to categorize songs (at Diana’s request).  Phase two will include image uploading from within the app and an iOS photo library and whatever other features are requested or I think of.

I’m also gonna start trying to cultivate the local scene and get them on TLoM and (which doesn’t work yet).  A score tracker is an eminently useful thing, and there’s a pretty good number of people here in Albuquerque that don’t use any website.

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