October 19, 2011

Project Xenon update: 10/19

Project Xenon is the name for the mobile score tracker I’m working on.  I know there’s an existing mobile score tracker at ZIV but I have a few reasons for making it anyway.  I don’t care for their theming, Diana has some stuff she really wants to be able to do that ZIV’s tool doesn’t […]

October 14, 2011

A Challenge Appears

Okay, so at the heart of most features I build out on websites I design is unabashed self-interest.  If I have something to gain from coding something it will take much of the “work” out of it.  This time, it’s a web app, a score tracker once again but optimized for mobile devices.  I don’t […]

A word of praise…

For the glorious 24 hour eateries.  You don’t care what time it is or why I didn’t get off my butt and get something earlier.  You don’t even mind when I show up in pj pants and still-wet-shower-hair.  You keep your ever-lovin’ deliciousness coming for the chronologically disjointed. The night owls everywhere thank you.   […]

October 13, 2011

Pouring One Out for DDRFreak

If you haven’t been there lately, there’s a sad update on the front page.  DDRFreak’s been a rock in the community through it’s highs and lows and I’m quite sad to see it go inactive.  I’m a bit concerned about losing the Machine Locations database, though there’s no mention of it going away just yet. […]

Stop laughing at my baby feet.


Hi, I’m Eve.

This is my jam. And my blog.   Because bluesoul said I could has it. :B

Join Team TLoM: Write about pretty much anything.

Eight years have passed since TLoM was conceived as a community blog, where anyone could join and write about whatever they wanted.  In those eight years, blog spam has gone from not even being a thing to the vast majority of comments and posts in the blogosphere. Even with spammers everywhere, I’m committed to making […]

And in case you were wondering…

I do plan on devoting time to the site again.  The project I spoke so highly of probably won’t happen, sadly.  It was supposed to be a score tracker/machine locator app for Windows Phone, but it turns out that Windows Phone is awful.

Happy Birthday, TLoM

It’s TLoM’s 8th birthday today.  I’m happy about that.  I celebrated by reskinning a WordPress theme into gently aged nostalgia.  Enjoy.